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Top 5 Home Power Backup Solutions for 2023

Increasing blackouts and grid failures call for reliable home energy storage solutions. Home backup batteries provide uninterrupted power during outages, with options like the RESS-E20-H1 offering high energy usage, safety, and monitoring capabilities.


Increasing blackouts and grid failures call for a reliable safety plan for your home. The unpredictable surge of extreme weather events and an aging grid infrastructure underscores the importance of a fail-safe mechanism for power outages. Home backup batteries, offering an efficient way to maintain uninterrupted power during a blackout, are an essential part of any contingency plan.


These home backup batteries serve as a reliable lifeline during times of power loss, supplying clean power in a way that fossil-fueled standby generators cannot. Leveraging home battery backup solutions assures energy security and instills a sense of calm during power disruptions.


Identifying the best home power backup battery solution hinges on the appliances you need powering during an outage. Your choice between a specific or whole home backup system depends on your household size, budget, and electricity requirements. Let’s delve into the five best home power backup battery solutions for 2023, tailoring them to your specific needs.


1. BATTERY System: RESS-E20-H1


BATTERY energy storage System: RESS-E20-H1


RESS-E20-H1 is the epitome of home energy storage systems, designed with high-voltage LiFePO4 batteries. The model has been engineered to promote effective energy storage and utilization for residential environments.


The RESS-E20-H1 sports a modular design that enables the connection of 2 to 5 battery units in a single storage system. To accommodate larger energy demands, these systems can be run in parallel, enhancing capacity to a whopping 57kWh. Built with high thermal stability LFP batteries, RESS-E20-H1 prioritizes safety. The design also features quick inserts, expediting the installation process, saving time and cost.


This home energy storage system exhibits exceptional durability, enduring more than 6000 cycles at 100% charging and discharging. The IP65 certification guarantees water and dust resistance, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.


With an energy usage efficiency of 100%, RESS-E20-H1 ensures maximum power utilization. Its smart energy management capabilities allow accurate SOC & SOH estimation and efficient battery cell balancing. Additionally, the model supports app/web-based monitoring, providing real-time insights into battery status, and ensuring you are never in the dark about your energy system's performance.



• Scalable from 2 to 5 battery units, with parallel connection expanding capacity up to 57kWh
• High thermal stability with LFP batteries
• Quick installation design
• Long service life with over 6000 cycles at 100% charging and discharging
• IP65 water- and dust-proof certification
• High energy usage efficiency at 100%
• App/web-based monitoring for real-time battery status
• Efficient energy management with accurate SOC & SOH estimation
• Includes a 10-year warranty



• Scalable configuration
• High safety standards
• Fast and cost-effective installation
• Long-lasting service life
• Indoor and outdoor installation
• High energy usage
• Real-time monitoring
• Smart energy management



• The upfront cost might be high for some households, but it is a long-term investment
• Installation may require professional assistance


2. Battery System: RESS-E20-L0


Battery energy storage System: RESS-E20-L0



Different from the RESS-E20-H1, the RESS-E20-L0 energy storage system offers a comparable solution with slight variations in specifications. This model maintains the same functionality as the RESS-E20-H1, making it an excellent choice for efficient energy storage and utilization in residential properties.


The RESS-E20-L0 features a modular design that allows for the connection of 1 to 3 battery units in a single storage system. With a maximum battery capacity of 19.8kWh, this system provides ample power to support the energy needs of your home during blackouts or periods of low energy supply.

Like its counterpart, the RESS-E20-L0 utilizes LFP batteries, which offer exceptional thermal stability and safety. 




• Battery System Capacity: 6.6kWh to 19.8kWh
• Usable Capacity: 6.6kWh to 19.8kWh
• Number of Battery Modules: 1 to 3
• Rated Battery Voltage: 51.2V
• Operating Battery Voltage Range: 40V to 57.6V
• System Dimensions (W*H*D): 725mm*620mm*170mm to 725mm*1775mm*250mm
• System Net Weight: 65kg to 257kg
• Communication: RJ45 (RS485, CAN, Dry contact)



• Scalable configuration to meet varying energy demands
• High thermal stability with LFP batteries
• Quick installation design
• Long service life with over 6000 cycles at 100% charging and discharging
• IP65 water- and dust-proof certification
• Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation



• The system requires additional cost for solar panels
• Lower capacity compared to other models in the series


3. All-in-one System: RESS-PE20-H1 (High Voltage)


All-in-one energy storage System: RESS-PE20-H1


Introducing the RESS-PE20-H1, ACE Battery offers a comprehensive and integrated home energy storage solution. This series combines a 5.5kW inverter with a LiFePO4 battery pack, delivering a seamless and efficient power backup system for residential properties.


The RESS-PE20-H1 is designed to ensure a steady supply of energy during blackouts, allowing you to maintain power for critical loads in your home. With its all-in-one technology and integrated hardware and software, this system simplifies energy management and optimizes power utilization.



  • Hybrid Inverter: The system features a hybrid inverter, which allows for both on-grid and backup power supply. This flexibility ensures uninterrupted power availability and enables the system to seamlessly switch between grid-connected and standalone modes.
  • High Output Power: The system offers a range of output power options, from 6,000W to 10,000W, allowing for the efficient operation of various household appliances and commercial loads. It can handle both light and heavy power requirements.
  • PV String Input: The system supports photovoltaic (PV) input, allowing for the integration of solar power generation. It provides high maximum PV input power and voltage ranges, accommodating different PV system sizes and configurations.
  • Efficiency: The system demonstrates high-efficiency levels, with maximum PV efficiencies ranging from 97.2% to 97.9% and Euro PV efficiencies ranging from 97.2% to 98.2%. This ensures the effective utilization of solar power and minimizes energy losses during conversion.
  • Protection Features: The system incorporates various protective features such as overvoltage protection, fault detection, insulation detection, anti-islanding protection, surge protection, and more. These measures enhance system safety, reliability, and durability.
  • Functionality: The system supports battery charging from the grid, enabling users to recharge the batteries during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower. It also offers remote on/off functionality and over-the-air (OTA) updates, allowing for convenient control and system maintenance.
  • Communication and Display: The system provides multiple communication options, including RS485, CAN2.0, and optional WiFi or 4G connectivity. It also features a display interface, either an LCD or an app, for monitoring and managing system performance.




  • Physical Dimensions and Weight: The system's size and weight increase with higher output power and battery capacity (Check the product for detailed information). This may require sufficient space and structural support during installation, especially for larger models. 


4. Battery System: E20-H0


Battery Energy Storage System: E20-H0


The E20-H20 battery system is a scalable and modular solution designed to provide efficient energy storage for residential and commercial applications. It utilizes LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries for enhanced safety and thermal stability. The system offers quick installation, a long service life, and high usability, making it suitable for various energy storage needs. Its IP65 rating ensures water and dust resistance, allowing for both indoor and outdoor installations.




  • Scalable Configuration: The modular design allows the system to be tailored to different energy storage requirements. The option to connect multiple systems in parallel expands the capacity to a maximum of 57kWh, making it adaptable to changing energy needs.

  • High Usage: The battery's high usable energy of up to 100% allows for efficient energy utilization, maximizing the return on investment and making it an energy-efficient solution.

  • Communication Options: The system provides RJ45 (RS485, CAN, Dry contact) communication, allowing for easy integration with monitoring systems and control interfaces.

  • Warranty and Certification: The system comes with an impressive 10-year warranty, instilling confidence in its reliability and durability. Additionally, it meets the relevant certifications, ensuring compliance with industry standards.




  • Limited Temperature Range: The system has an operational temperature range of -10°C to 50°C, which may not be suitable for extremely cold or hot climates without additional temperature control measures.



• Smart communities
• Public parking lots
• Hospitals and shopping centers
• Commercial buildings
• Residential applications
• Power distribution network and microgrids


5. All-in-one System: RESS-PE20-L0

(also have App/Web-based Monitoring and Smart Energy Management)


All-in-one energy storage system: PE20-L0


The RESS-PE20-L0 is an all-in-one residential energy storage system, designed to leverage hybrid power from PV, the grid, and battery sources. This system prioritizes power management to minimize electricity bills and ensure an uninterrupted power supply for critical loads.



• Hybrid power leverage from PV, the grid, and battery sources
• High-level integration and reduced power loss with a DC-coupled system
• All-in-one design for improved convenience and aesthetics
• Battery modular design for scalability and flexibility
• Quick installation design to save time and cost
• IP65 water- and dust-proof certification for indoor and outdoor installation


Specifications (type1: RESS-1P-3.6K-L00):

• Output (On Grid):
   - Rated Output Active Power: 3680W
   - Max. Output Apparent Power: 7360VA
• Output (Back up):
   - Rated Output Apparent Power: 4000VA
   - Rated Output Active Power: 3680W
• PV String Input:
   - Recommended Max. PV Input Power: 4800W
• Battery:
   - Battery Type: LFP (LiFePO4)
   - Battery System Capacity: 6.6KWH
   - Rated Battery Voltage: 51.2V
   - Numbers of Battery Modules: 1
   - Rated Discharging Current: 91A
   - Rated Charging Current: 65A




  • Higher upfront investment cost compared to smaller-scale energy storage solutions
  • The need for a stable grid connection for optimal performance and charging


Note: For detailed specifications and specific pricing, it is advisable to consult ACE BATTERY directly for accurate and up-to-date information.



Choosing Your Ideal Backup Battery System


Choosing Your Ideal Backup Battery System

The choice among these products would depend on the specific energy storage needs, budget, and requirements of the user. Each product brings distinct advantages, allowing customers to select the most suitable solution to optimize their energy consumption and efficiency.


Here's a guide to help navigate your decision.


Personalizing Your Power Strategy


Pairing RESS-PE20-H1 with four batteries might be a surplus if your requirements are relatively small. The RESS-E20-H1 coupled with solar panels could be a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative for a tiny home or a limited set of appliances.


The RESS-E20-L0 also presents a viable option for the budget-conscious, albeit with a modest storage and output capacity. If you're working with limited resources, identify your critical devices, calculate their power needs, and opt for the most compact solution that suffices.


Gauging Blackout Frequency


Power failures are indiscriminate; they can happen anywhere, anytime. However, if your location rarely experiences blackouts or weather extremes, investing heavily in backup power might not be necessary. But if you live in an area with frequent power outages due to severe weather conditions, then a battery energy storage system is needed.


Balancing Power and Pocket


Financial constraints often influence the scale of your investment. Starting with one battery model of RESS-PE20-L0 and gradually expanding your system with smart batteries, solar panels, and a smart panel over time might be a more feasible approach.


Moreover, remember to explore solar incentives and federal tax credits. These savings might make solar energy a prudent choice for your home backup system and your budget.


A Brighter Tomorrow: Secure Your Power Needs with Ace Battery


Ace Battery Home battery backup solution

When the grid falters, your energy needs persist. An efficient backup power solution provides electricity, peace of mind, and energy security. Ace Battery delivers a diverse range of motive power batteries, battery cells, and energy storage systems, catering to a variety of requirements.


Are you keen on safeguarding your home with a resilient power backup? Discover ACE BATTERY. Our state-of-the-art energy storage systems and battery cells offer unrivaled performance and reliability. For a personalized energy solution, get in touch with us or explore our products today. We're committed to powering a brighter, more sustainable future.

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